Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Marshall Arisman
Artist, Illustrator
His images are dark and animalistic.

Dave McKean

Artist, Illustrator,
I especially like his CD covers.

I have been suffering with a migraine for the past two days. So as I sit here unable to create I thought I would share two artists whose works seem to speak to me creatively. As I have mentioned before I focus on lights, darks and texture. I work mostly in a realistic style but am gradually feeling less and less need to include every detail. The layering of images and the abstract texture it creates inspires me.


  1. he's one of my favourites. this is a great example...

  2. Marshall is one of my favorite illustrators. His art really goes beyond illustration and bridges the gap between commercial and fine art. I appreciate how his art is very personal.
    Hope your migraine gets better soon. I suffer from them every now and then and they can be very debilatating.