Monday, September 20, 2010

I luv turtles because he loves turtles

 Time changes many things, but not the joy 
friendship brings.

My nephew loves turtles so his uncle Rick picks them up whenever he sees one.  We are on the catch and release plan so we only have it for a day or two and then they are returned to the wild.  It is amazing how much fun one little boy can have with a turtle.


  1. how fun! We have been on the hunt for butterflies lately.. We haven't stumbled across any turtles, they would be much eaier to catch...:-)

    Lovely to meet..

  2. your drawing is amazing...really captured the creature so well! what fun to be able to play with them even for a short while. suburban Ohio doesn't reveal too many of them, though I imagine there must be a few around...thanks for sharing!