Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily 1

December Daily Composition Book Cover

December Daily Introduction

December 1st
This is my first year participating in the December Daily Challenge
created by Ali Edwards in 2008.  
I have decided to go with a composition book for my journal.
I have used these books for several of my art journals/sketchbooks in the past.
I like my journals to be uniform and this size always seems to work,
not to big and not to small (7" x 9").
I covered my book with kraft paper.
This paper seems to work with just about any theme. 

I removed several pages to make room for additional collage, pictures and papers.
I also glued 2 pages together to strengthen the substrate.
 I hope to include drawings, collage ephemera, and photographs
 to tell my story during the month of December.
I will be doing a two-page spread each day.  

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  1. Fascinating to stumble on some of your blog pages here. I am working through Ali Edwards Word of the Year class this year, but my real passion is watercolor sketching. Nice to see how you are using some of her design ideas and combining them with your own artwork! Great ideas.