Sunday, January 4, 2009

Do You See Me

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by. I was excited to share!

This is an example of a student's work. The project is based on Chuck Close's grid work. We work in oil pastels and focus on value only, color doesn't matter. If you use a piece of red transparent plexiglass and lay it over your work it will give you a good idea of your values. You can do the same thing by squinting at your work only now you can really study it and see if the values you thought you were representing really are visible to the viewer. This is a great project to begin working with color as you are only working 1 square at a time and values are all you have to worry about. For those of you looking to be adventurous give it a try.


  1. I love this project .Looks like it took a long time to complete? I like the idea of concentrating on values rather than actual color. I wonder how they decided what colors to use? THanks for sharing.

  2. Each square had to have at least 2 colors. So if it were a dark square you could use a dark and a lighter, and if it were a dark square most students choose two lights. And you had to use all the colors in the 24 box. Thanks for stopping to take a look!

  3. I have participated in a project like this twice, once as a student and once as a teacher. I loved it both time!


    It is so much fun, eh?

  4. that DOES look like fun :) Welcome to EDM and cant wait to see more of your work ;)

  5. this was one of my favorite projects. I didn't think i was going to like it at all but we have never done anything even close to that in any of my collage classes