Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About Me

Just a quick sketch in my moleskine. These were all Christmas presents. I really like the pilot G2 pens for writing but prefer a finer line to sketch with. So as recommended by a fellow blogger I just ordered Pilot G-Tec-C4 Rollerball in black, brown and blue. I couldn't find them in the US so they are coming from across the water.


  1. I love this drawing. Beautifully executed and lovely composition.

  2. Really like the composition and amazing depth you achieved.

  3. Thanks to those of you who posted. Can anyone offer me any advise as how to get clearer pictures? I dont have a scanner so I took a picture with my less than impressive little camera. But it just isnt sharp no matter how many times I tried. I am very disappointed in the quality.

  4. The drawings look very nice. I like the quality of the texture in the objects.
    Good luck finishing a sketchbook, it it my goal for myself as well.
    I think the image quality of the pictures isn't to bad. If it really bothers you, stop by your local library often they have equipment like scanners available to the public. may be a sight to check out as well, everyday people put things on the site for sale. You search by area and then can look at specifics they my have a scanner or camera there.
    Best of luck and keep up the great work:)

  5. I am also photographing my work (haven't taken the time to get my scanner up and running yet) and I find LOTS of light helps...even taking pics out in daylight.

    Hope this helps,

  6. You moleskine sketches are terrific! Will you keep us posted on your new pens when you get them? Thanks and happy sketching! I am headed out for the Worldwide sketchcrawl today. Fun!

  7. I love your sketches! Are they pen and ink or pencil? They are wonderful! Look forward to seeing more of your work! :) Marva

  8. The sketches I have posted so far are mostly pen and ink. The "About Me" sketch does have some pencil added. Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment!