Friday, January 9, 2009

Just Stuff

I have had this moleskine for about 2 years. Mostly I have used it to write grocery lists, shopping lists or things I just wanted to remember. So I have decided 2009 will be the year I actually finish a sketchbook. (Even if it is just this little one!) Here is another pen and ink sketch done over the top of a list. I am not pleased with the images of these last two sketches. I dont have a scanner so these are pictures taken with my sony cyber-shot. I would really like to have a cannon rebel. Maybe someday. If someone has suggestions to improve the images of my work please please I am open to all suggestions. Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Do you have software like or gimp? using those can help (and they are free ;)).
    Otherwise, I love your pictures- and go finish that sketchbook!

  2. This is a great composition and I love the combination of objects. I am usually challenged by drawing more than one subject. I look forward to more postings

  3. Tremendous sketches! I am impressed with your composition and style.

    My scanner is not a flat bed and I sketch in bound books, so I always take photos of them instead.

    When I upload to the computer, it is to the Adobe photoshop starter edition that came with my digital camera (Canon PowerShot). From there, I can re-format, adjust color, etc.

    I think what you need most is better lighting. At first I took photos outside in the sun; now I just take them in my kitchen (with all the lights on), on my white tile counter -- it reflects the light well.


  4. Oh this is so awesome!!! Love all the variety of things! Love your clothes pin! Here I was this morning, thinking what can I draw? Marva

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I have adobe photoshop CS3. I will try better lighting and open the pictures in photoshop and see if I can clean up the images. Thanks again!

  6. Well, I can't find a direct link to email you anywhere! If you have time email me at!

    Thanks, Laurie Pace

  7. Hi,
    i tried to comment yesterday but couldn't. I like your blog and your camera is fine, you just need to practice. Try to get as parallel as possible to the image you're photographing (prop it up really striaght or lie it flat and look down on it from a chair but crucially you need to be exactly opposite to it). Photograph in bright, natural but not direct light i.e. by a window but not with direct sunlight. (also a good light for portraits inccidentally) and if there's a lot of white in your image you may need to over expose by 1 or 2 stops (either a wider aperture or longer exposure time) as your metering system gets confused with a lot of white. You don't need a lot of depth of field as you are photographing a 2 dimensional object, so actually the area you need in focus is the surface of the image - just get as close as you can before it goes out of focus or crop later. and have fun in photoshop! hope that helps (in case you haven't guessed i'm a photographer) i enjoyed looking at the blog :) Sarah