Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I visit several artist blogs frequently for inspiration and motivation. A few months ago I stumbled across the moleskine international exchanges after viewing some of Andrea Joseph's contributions. I have wanted to try it ever since. Here is the web site http://moleskinex12.blogspot.com/ I recently received an invitation to moly 68. Now the hard part begins. The theme for the exchange is "vintage pin up girls". I have researched the subject on the net and I just don"t know where I want to go with mine. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

The exchange usually begins with each artist completing a sign up page for all the artists involved and designing the first few pages so everyone gets a feel for the journal. I hope to have pictures in the next few days.

Until then follow my new adventure at http://moleskinex68.blogspot.com/ I am off to get creative!


  1. I look forward to admiring your work for the moleskine! You have beautiful stuff on your blog, your collection of ATC is gorgeous and the tractor below looks awesome :)!

  2. OMG...how intimidating. I, too, look forward to seeing your work.