Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March, April and May are very busy months. As the end of the school year draws closer my art students are getting ready for numerous exhibits. I did this quick sketch to unwind from all the many activites we have going on here at school (including decorating for prom). This is a pencil sketch in my moleskine. I also really enjoy playing with typography hence the lettering doodles. I am trying hard to complete my first sketchbook. I have had numerous sketchbooks over the years but I dont think I have a single one that is completely finished. I have a goal to finish this moleskine!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Urban Art Gallery

We live in a small western Kansas community. We don't have an art gallery within a few hundred miles but last week a mobile art gallery rolled into town, ON THE TRAIN! These are a few of the images I captured. I like the bold colors, beautiful lines and amazing images.

In His Presence

I have been very busy this last week. I was asked several months ago to donate a piece for our local horse council benefit night. I finally got the piece finished and yes it is the white horse my blog is named after again. The bridle the horse is wearing is my husband's dads. His dad has alzheimer's disease and even though he doesnt always remember us, things that were special to him are now precious to us.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EDM #132

Ok this is a bit of a stretch, the challenge was to draw a chain. I drew a key chain in my moleskin. I tried to convey highlights for a more three-dimensional piece.