Thursday, April 22, 2010

2nd Remains of the Day Journal

Main Entry: 1re·main
Pronunciation: \ri-ˈmān\
Function: intransitive verb
1 a : to be a part not destroyed, taken, or used up
I stretch my own canvas and often have pieces left over.  The "Remains of the Day" journal gave me an opportunity to use the left over canvas.  I simply cut two pieces the correct size, stitched them together and painted them with acrylic paint.  I used paint remaining on a palette after a day of painting and simply used an old credit card to smear the paint on.  The white dots were made from dipping a large marshmallow in the white and stamping it on.  Wow what fun to use scraps and  I have enough to make 25 journals or so! (like I have time to do that)

1st Remains of the Day Journal

I know I have been missing in action.  Here is what I have been doing! 

Mary Ann Moss's class "Remains of the Day",  I decided that it must be great on-line class because  just about everyone on the art blogging planet was talking about it and I didn't want to be left out any longer   .  It truly is addictive.  She creates wonderful journals using  paper scraps, mail security envelopes and emphemera she collects from her everyday life.   Then stitches them together with a sewing machine.   Using her techniques I created two journals.  I am going to use mine as a sketchbook/art journal.  I don't keep a written journal but I am going to try to incorporate more journaling with my images.  Because of this I have purposely left more blank space but love the combination of elements to construct a page in which to sketch on.