Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily 10th

December Daily 9th

Started this page with a pen and ink drawing of St. Nick.  
I am going to include my shopping list at the bottom and other side.  I might also add
a bit of my wrapping paper.  However I am really a last minute person
so it might be a few days until I am ready for this.  Got to
love those last minute people!

December Daily 8th

Not much happening today.  So I decided to use the design
on the background paper of the left side to dictate the page design.
I continued the swirl on the right side, reversing the darks and lights.
I finished the page with  zentangles between
the journaling.  Finally, adding stars to give it more of a Holiday theme.

December Daily 7th

Wow what a great husband I have.
He came home early today and hung the Christmas lights.
I really love Christmas lights, and this was a wonderful surprise.

December Daily 6th

Today by the numbers!

December Daily 5th

The ABC's of Me and a photo recording the day's weather stats.

December Daily 4th

Here is a quick picture of my December 4th page.  
Rick even wrote a letter to Santa.   
And to those of you who know him you know how big of a deal this is!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily 2-3

December 2nd

December 3rd

I really didn't need more supplies!

Really this is a great example of creating an effect composition using
repetition of elements.  I had a lot of elements, images, patterns and words I
wanted to include in the above layout.  To do so with some amount of order
I had to repeat the basic elements on both sides of the page.  Take a closer
look and see if you can identify at least 4 areas I repeated.  

December Daily 1

December Daily Composition Book Cover

December Daily Introduction

December 1st
This is my first year participating in the December Daily Challenge
created by Ali Edwards in 2008.  
I have decided to go with a composition book for my journal.
I have used these books for several of my art journals/sketchbooks in the past.
I like my journals to be uniform and this size always seems to work,
not to big and not to small (7" x 9").
I covered my book with kraft paper.
This paper seems to work with just about any theme. 

I removed several pages to make room for additional collage, pictures and papers.
I also glued 2 pages together to strengthen the substrate.
 I hope to include drawings, collage ephemera, and photographs
 to tell my story during the month of December.
I will be doing a two-page spread each day.